UMPO presents British Science Week 2021
Friday 5th - Sunday 14th March 2021
For British Science Week 2021, we'll be chatting to a whole host of students and academics from across Physics and Maths! We'll be asking them about what they do, what it's like to work in STEM, and plenty more! These interviews will be released as both videos and podcasts every day throughout!
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Coming up:
• Friday 5th March - Jess Carter (Biophysics PhD)
• Saturday 6th March - Prof. Matthias Heil (Fluid dynamics)
• Sunday 7th March - Dr. Draga Pihler-Puzović (Non-linear physics)
• Monday 8th March - Dr. Paul Connolly (Atmospheric physics)
• Tuesday 9th March - Prof. Rene Breton (Astrophysics)
• Wednesday 10th March - Dr. Alessandro Principi (Theoretical physics)
• Thursday 11th March - Prof. Scott Kay (Cosmology)
• Friday 12th March - Dr. Marco Gersabeck (Particle physics)
• Saturday 13th March - Prof. Yvonne Peters (Particle physics)
• Sunday 14th March - Prof. Tobias Galla (Statistical physics)
• Sunday 14th March - Josh Hayes (Astrophysics PhD)