Our Workshops

We offer a range of workshops for both secondary and primary school children, encorporating different aspects of physics into short sessions lead by student volunteers. The workshops we are currently offering are listed below with a brief description of what is included in the session, what age it is best suited for and how long it runs for. If you are interested in booking a session then don't hesitate to contact us. We do our best to visit as many schools as possible but we book up very quickly so make sure you give us plenty of notice, especially if you are hoping to book multiple classes on the same day.



UoM Physics Outreach


The School of Physics and Astonomy

What we offer

Earth and Beyond

This workshop is aimed at years 4,5 and 6 and is best given to groups of less than thirty children. In Earth and Beyond we look at stars and their life cycles, constellations and their uses, with a brief look at pulsars. It is a very interactive workshop where the children get to create their own constellations, draw out the lifecycle of stars and explore what is outside of our solar system.

Earth and Beyond (Infants)

This workshop is an adaptation of the previous but it removes focus from life cycle of stars and things outside of our solar system and instead looks at the things inside our solar system; the planets, their moons and our sun. It is suitable for year 1,2 and 3 with class sizes of less than 25 children.

Particle Zoo

This workshop is aimed at years 4,5 and 6 where we introduce the basic concepts of atoms using a hands-on activity where the children get to make their own particle to take home. Using our particle zoo and a few games, this workshop portrays a new area of physics in a way that is fun and easy for the children to understand.

It's not Rocket Science...

This workshop is suitable for all primary aged children and starts off by looking at what and how we send things into space. The children will then be split into groups to design and create their own rocket which we will then test at the end of the session and prizes will be awarded for ones the go the highest/furthest!

Girls in Physics and Engineering

This program intends to tackle gender stereotypes around physics and engineering and to inspire girls to continue studying these subjects at high level. It is aimed at groups of female students between years 9 and 12. The workshop involves a presentation about the gender differences in these subjects, the job opportunities that lead from them and personal stories from female physics and engineering university students. This would be followed by activities in smaller groups aiming to inspire interest and improve confidence. Finally, time permitting, we would encourage an open discussion between the presenters (all of whom will be female physics and engineering undergraduates or graduates) and the students. The workshop can be adapted to fit a certain time scale upon request but would usually be 90-120 minutes.

LEGO Robots


This workshop introduces the basics of robotics used within physics allowing a focus to be put on either robots used in nuclear power plants or robots which we send up into space. The first part of this two and a half hour session is used to discuss the importance of robots within physics followed by an introduction to programming our LEGO Mindstorms robots, where the pupils will work in teams of three to program their robots to do different tasks. This workshop is aimed at years 7-9 and due to our limited number of robots can only be ran in groups of less than 21 at a time. 



Materials Workshop


This workshop will be ready for schools from October 2019. Pupils will get to explore the weird and wonderful properties of some waky materials, from Non-Newtonian fluids to Hydrochromatic Paint. During the workshop pupils will get to experience several demonstrations of smart materials, finishing with an activity where each pupil will get to decorate a cup with thermochromatic paint and watch it change colour with the heat! This workshop is aimed at primary school children and is 2 hours long.